Timely, Complete and Correct Counselling, Compliance Investigation, Enforcement, and Litigation

Internal processing is better than outside exposure we draft and enforce your rules, policies and procedures

Deliverables are internally reviewed and submitted complete and correct

Americounsel: Labor and Employment Law knowledge-centered support


We run your Human Resources by managing your workplace through drafting, interpreting and enforcing rules, policies, procedures, requests and complaints from employees. Whether writing a manual or running a program, our timely, complete and correct proactive approach ensures regulatory compliance and avoids work stoppages, disgruntled employees, bad publicity, and costly litigation.


Our strong internal review system ensures that clients receive a work product that is legally sufficient and complete. A well designed and executed legal and human capital backbone, allows employers to focus on work deliverables, profitability, and performance.


Our team of barred attorneys (active and in good standing), EEO Mediators, Counselors and Investigators (all certified annually) can be reached 24/7. We will understand your needs, manage workplace expectations, and diligently deliver full remedial action.


AmeriCounsel boasts an elite group of professionals, mainly composed by Senior attorneys and retired federal employees, that have throughout their careers excelled in drafting or enforcing private or public sector policies and regulations, litigating in administrative courts, conducting training programs across the Nation, serving as keynote speakers at various conferences, and serving in corporate and civic leadership positions.

About Americounsel, LLC

AmeriCounsel, LLC provides Labor and Employment law technical assistance to federal agencies and private sector companies in workforce management ranging from complaint processing, mediation services, internal investigations and adjudication of complaints, to drafting rules and policies, drafting Position Statements to Complaint Processing to answer charges of discrimination, and training programs and conferences for in-house/outside counsels and management officials...

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